Verona: Top Attractions

By Narrated Guide

A well-preserved ancient Roman amphitheatre and an operatic love story. Listen to the love story between Verona and the Opera here.

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Our 1 day itinerary in Verona

Here's how we would spend 1 day in Verona:

Day 1

  1. Let’s start the day with the Arena di Verona to learn more about its history and how it came to be the place for opera. We’d recommend coming back in the evening to watch a performance.
  2. Whilst we’re here, why not enjoy a stroll around Piazza Brà to get a better sense of Verona?
  3. Then let’s catch some romance at Juliet’s House, where all is not what it seems to be.
  4. Why don’t we visit Santa Maria Antica before exploring the Lamberti Tower?
  5. Since we’re at the Piazza delle Erbe, this is a great spot to sit down and grab some lunch or snacks.
  6. Then, a quick stop by Porta Borsari before learning more about the della Scala family at the Castelvecchio.
  7. If you still have energy left, why not visit the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore?

If you have more time, check out a museum or art gallery of your choice!